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RE: [IP] how to dry out Disetronic pump?


Two of my sons use the Disetronic pump.  My oldest son came back from
swimming at the YMCA having forgotten to use the tappet.  Diestronic tells
you not to dry it out at all because they are concerned about getting dust
and other things in the insulin chamber.  Like most people, I wanted fast
results so I removed the cartridge, shook out the pump as thoroughly as I
could, then I took a Q-tip and used it to dry out the rest of the water.  It
worked fine.  I definitely would not recommend using any kind of paper
product to dry it out because of the small pieces of paper that would be
left behind.  As for being able to open the chamber, that is only a problem
if there is very little insulin left in the cartridge because then the screw
will not seat properly in the receptacle for the screw.  If the cartridge is
that low, you may as well change it anyway.

As for resetting the pump, the pump is not truly aware that you have removed
the cartridge, so there is no need to reset it at all.

My recommendation when you get into a situation that leaves you with so many
questions that need immediate answers, is to call Disetronic.  They will get
back to you immediately and you won't have to wait for email responses.

		- Dan
		3/29/00 10:18:50 PM
Dan Richardson		email @ redacted
80 School Street	Voice: (603) 227-9290
Concord NH  03301	Fax:    (603) 227-9291

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