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Re: [IP] Feelings about the pump (was: ASAP HELP!!! He HATES thePUMP)

At 1:41 PM -0800 3/29/00, Jim S. wrote:
>Sometimes my memory is too good for my own well being and I don't keep it to
>myself.  <VBG>

I need to remember this . . . :-)

>Do you remember the discussions and feelings that went on before you
>decided to
>go on the pump?    Do I remember how long you (and also me) took to decide to
>try the pump? We were the ones to make make the decision - And once made the
>decision wasn't the end of the feelings of being on a pump.  You were also
>definitely motivated to make the decision....

Yes, and I thought when I read your reply to Charisma that remembering
Paddy's feelings was such an important part of his (and Charisma's) "pump
training." Probably simply talking about some of it will help Paddy. Going
on the pump can be really scary and frustrating, even when one has made the
decision oneself. Toss into that equation that someone else has basically
told you that it's the best thing, well, that can't help the situation.
Jim, you're exactly right.

As a parent, though, (and I speak only as a parent of non-DM kids), one has
to sometimes push one's kids to do things that are not what the kid wants
to do, be it piano lessons or giving a shot. I didn't have any choice in
taking my first shot, it was coming whether I wanted it to or not. I
remember that visualizing it and imagining it made it a lot more "doable"
than I would ever have thought. That's what I meant by preparation.

Having said that, your point about how Paddy feels and encouraging him to
talk about those feelings is extremely important--one not to be overlooked.

>Jim (opening pandora's box) S.

Heheh, well, it's not the first time. :-)


(Type I, 27 years, D. pumper since 10/95)
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