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[IP] RE: Mailer Request Confirmation

Animas Corporation, of Frazer, PA, and Insulin Infusion Specialties (IIS),
Inc., headquartered in Metairie, LA announce an exclusive distribution
agreement of the Animas R-1000 insulin infusion pump for patients with insulin
requiring diabetes.  Under the terms of the agreement, IIS holds the exclusive
distributorship of the newly introduced insulin infusion pump in over
one-third of the United States.  In states not represented by IIS, Animas
distributes its pump through a direct sale force.   Animas received 510(k)
clearance from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to market the
R-1000 insulin infusion pump on February 10. For the past four years, IIS has
been the largest independent distributor of insulin pumps in the United
States.  Founded in 1993, IIS recently announced the launch of a proprietary
disease state management program, combining Internet technology with intensive
management for the most challenging diabetes patients.
“We are excited about the level of expertise IIS brings to Animas and pleased
with the overall dedication of the IIS team,” states Dr. Katherine Crothall,
CEO of Animas Corporation.  “They share our belief in the importance of
patient training and education and are known throughout the industry for
excellence in these areas. Their focus on disease state management makes them
an excellent strategic partner for our company.”

“The Animas R-1000 insulin pump is a major step forward in insulin pump
therapy providing advancements in safety features, performance and
convenience.  More so, we are extremely impressed by the caliber of personnel
throughout the entire Animas organization and their commitment to better the
lives of patients with diabetes,” states Susanne Jernigan, CEO of IIS.  “We
are excited to promote a product that so clearly combines the best in safety,
performance, style and convenience.” Animas Corporation was founded in 1996 by
Dr. Crothall.  The Company’s mission is to develop, manufacture, market, and
sell products and services to enable the patient with insulin-requiring
diabetes to better manage his or her diabetes, with the goal to improve the
life-style of the patient, reduce the long-term morbidity of the disease, and
reduce the cost to the patient and healthcare system.  Besides the R-1000 pump
just introduced, the Company is developing improved infusion sets and a
long-term implantable optical glucose monitor.  The ultimate objective is to
combine its pump and glucose monitor to provide closed-loop control of
blood-sugar, thereby creating an artificial pancreas.

For more information please contact Audrey Finkelstein, Vice President of
Marketing and Clinical Affairs at (877) 937-7867.

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