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Re: [[IP] update on ASAP HELP!!! ]

email @ redacted wrote:
> OK, here is what I did.
> I sent him to his room for a breather.  He started looking at it and stuff
> and decided he liked it again and then I had him get into a nice hot
> shower/bath.
> When he got out I babied him a bit and his pump, giving them both cuddles.
> (quick questions here before I forget--am I supposed to use some other tape
> OVER the tender itself?  I mean it is on there with it's own attached
> adhesive, but does it need another piece over that? ? 

No, the Tender tape pad on the base will hold against almost anything you
can expect. Besides which, the disconnect is in the middle of it, if you put
tape over it you can't get it apart. This is the diffeerence between sofsets
and Tenders, it's made to be self-sufficient as supplies, anmd it WORKS!

> Then I tested him and he was SURPRISE 59.  OK, so it was possibly the
> beginning of going low before(he was 89 when I changed).

As has been said, the hot water likely spent up his insulin's effect. It's
also possible that the priming bolus was a bit too much. If he's going to take
a hot bath after changes like this you may find it best to reduce his basal
while he's in hot water.......HMMMM, aren't most kids ALWAYS in hot water?
> But I think the BIGGEST thing we did was to get it out of sight out of
> Like I have mentioned, he is opposed to clothing, but I insisted he put on
> shirt and I tucked it into the pocket (inside out) and we just moved on.  I
> think it was completely in his face all morning, hanging and dragging and
> wrapped around here there and everywhere.  And I think he may have made it
> tender by tugging on it a bit, too. 

Yes, that's very likely the cause of the scare. H'ell likely do fine as he
gets used to it. Incidentally, did you mean he made the SofSet Tender ..aren't
we crossing brands here??? (I know, enough jokes already)

Ted Quick 
email @ redacted

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