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[IP] trash generated

charisma wrote:
>  the huge overnight pile of alcohol swabs, their packaging, 
> the strips, THEIR packaging, needles, etc..

so don't use alcohol wipes for bg tests!!  alcohol toughens your fingers up, 
which is NOT a good thing, and I have never ever had an infection from not 
alcohol wiping my finger.  if it is really grungy and I have no access to 
some old fashioned soap and water, I will pop it in my mouth, just to make 
sure there is no contaminating sugar on it, and poke away...

OR use a bottle of alcohol and cotton balls.  Alcohol does not sterilize 
anyway, so there is no problem that oh no the bottle is opened and is no 
longer sterile

Use a meter that doesn't individually package teh strips, like the profile.  
You get a  little bottle with 25 strips, and when the bottle is empty, you 
can put in the used lancet and toss it...speaking of lancets, surely you 
don't change EVERY time you do a poke...

> when folks use the softset, and pull the needle back out, 
> that is just an accident waiting to happen...seems like a nasty 
> one to forget about while squishing my trash down 

The silhouette tender has an even scarier one...and it like 10 inches long 
(kidding).  THis is where those empty profile strip bottle come in handy...or 
you can get one of those sharps containers and take it to an approved drop 
off facility

I reuse my insulin reservoirs for at least 3 weeks, or more, as long as i can 
still see the markings on the side, and the O-rings are in tact.  And I see 
no need to use a new tubing every time or even every other time, just cuz 
MNMD sells them that way..

There are ways to trim fat and cut expenses...and afew pennies here and there 
can add up...and a few pieces of plastic or wipe packaging NOT used can add 
up as well...

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