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[IP] smoking

Wendy wrote:
>  I was wondering how many of us pumpers are smokers? 

Not me...never had a butt in my mouth even...not even for a play!!

>  told me point blank, that I will not live to see my kids married, 

That was kind of extreme in my opinion.  Yes, we all know smoking is bad for 
us, especially us as diabetics, it constricts our already prone to problem 
arteries and a whole myriad of other problems, but that was just plain ugly!  
Scare tactics have never worked on me...negative reinforcement doesn't work 
on little kids and plain old being mean usually doesnt work...obviously he 
forgot the old adage you can get more flys with honey than you can with salt 
or however the hell it goes

Having never smoked, I can offer no valid suggestions, but I do know, having 
my OWN bad habits, NO ONE CAN *MAKE* YOU DO IT...you have to make the choice 
and stick to it.  It is just like making the choice, or not making the 
choice, to test your blood sugar, or stay on a healthy diet, or go to the 
gym, or not speed whenn you rent a convertible...sure - there is probably an 
addiction thing involved with cigarettes, but we all have bad habits that are 
tough to break....you can only do it for yourself...even thinking about 
missing your kids marriage won't work...what if they turn out to be 
undesirables like me - can you imagine if my mom HAD quit smoking 20 years 
ago following a threat like one your doc gave you??...boy would she be pissed 
at me today...healthier, sure, but god, trying to live THAT down...[begin 
whiny voice]  "i quit smokng for you...when are you going to give me some 
grandkids??" to which I reply...she better watch it or I WILL give her some, 
and not get married and dump them on her to raise, while I go galivanting off 
to europe, then SEE who has the last laugh...(kidding)

ANYWAY...i am sure you know about nicorette and the patch and zyban and all 
those things...gotta find one that works for you, and doctors should HELP 
here, not threaten.  Maybe your putz could recommend a prescription or 
therapy rather than try to scare you!  But, still  the first step is taking 
the responsibility and making the choice to get better!

>  Please don't yell at me either, I have heard it all.

i am not, and never would...dones't work with the people I love (mom and dad) 
and sure won't work with a virtual stranger!

you know we will help support you in whatever you decide to do!!!

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