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email @ redacted wrote:

> Oh I am at a copmplete losss.  he is BEGGING me to take the pump out.
> I did a site change because he said it hurt and although his bg was good,
> did look as if it had some blood.  I could not remember which site you all
> had been talking about when you were saying it had a red spot.  that was
> what it was.  A red spot on the soft set itself.  The site on his stomach
> perfectly ok, no blood.

Sounds like it bled up into the canula.
> I used a tender this time since that was what the doc wanted anyhow.
> It has been in ten minutes and he is BEGGING me to take it out.

He may be experiencing visual shock. The Tender IS so much longer, but
it saves so much trouble over time, especially for kids. Thing is his earlier
site may have been painful if it was going all the way through his fat layer
and hitting the muscle beneath. With Tenders you can adjust the depth to suit
his body, and should probably go fairly shallow for him, about 10 to 15
degrees down, rather than 30 to 45 as per the instructions.
See if he'll tell you how it FEELS comapared to the last one. Does it hurt as
much? He may only be thinking how long it was and expecting problems because
he doesn't understand why. I don't know exactly how you can explain it to him,
but a drawing showing the 2 kinds if sets from the side may give him an idea
of why. The longer length doesn't harm, it helps, just LOOKS nasty.
> WHAT DO I DO??????

Keep calm and talk him down from his excitement. Changes can be hard for kids
to adjust to, but that's what Moms are for.
> I know I am the mother here, BUT it IS his body and maybe I did it wrong???
> Or maybe it does hurt?

Ask him, but try to have him calm enough first to answer how it actually
feels, not something based on what it looked like.

> Too early to take a bg and see if it is in correctly, but when I bolused to
> fill the cannula, I could not tell if that was air under the window showing
> his tummy, or insulin.

If you push down on it gently it will be clear. Insulin under there would 
start moving slowly under the tape pad, possibly loosening it. Air will not
feel as resistant, sort of like the difference in feeling a water balloon
compared to an air filled one, though on a MUCH smaller scale.
His bg test will tell.
> Sigh.  I knew I was gonna have troubles, but not 16 hours into it.
It's among the joys of his complicated childhood, I suppose.

Ted Quick
email @ redacted

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