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Re: [IP] update on ASAP HELP!!!

> I sent him to his room for a breather.  He started looking at it and
> stuff and decided he liked it again and then I had him get into a
> nice hot shower/bath.
Careful here, see below....

> am I supposed to use some
> other tape OVER the tender itself?

> AND the pump is sloshing now--do I just wait til the cartridge is
> empty nad then dry it out?)
Dry it out, but disconnect from the Tender first, you don't want to 
accidentally bump something and give an unintended bolus. Don't 
forget to re-prime before re-connecting if you mess with the 
cartridge or drive mechanism.

> Then I tested him and he was SURPRISE 59.  OK, so it was possibly
> the beginning of going low before(he was 89 when I changed).
The hot shower/bath dramatically increases circulation to the skin 
and will promote rapid absorbtion of insulin pooled in the tissue. 
This can sometimes lead to a short term low followed (of course) by a 
little high (that's never happened before.... right?? <vbg>).

> *making a list to get ice cream, a fun "forbidden snack,"*

Ice cream is an 'easy' food, behaves just about like milk. He can eat 
almost as much as he wants (kids are never allowed as much as they 
want.... right Mom!!). It has a nice digestion curve that is matched 
well by insulin. At least that's the way it works for Lily -- 
including the hot fudge sauce!!

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