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[IP] update on ASAP HELP!!!

OK, here is what I did.
I sent him to his room for a breather.  He started looking at it and stuff
and decided he liked it again and then I had him get into a nice hot

When he got out I babied him a bit and his pump, giving them both cuddles.

(quick questions here before I forget--am I supposed to use some other tape
OVER the tender itself?  I mean it is on there with it's own attached
adhesive, but does it need another piece over that? ?  AND the pump is
sloshing now--do I just wait til the cartridge is empty nad then dry it

Then I tested him and he was SURPRISE 59.  OK, so it was possibly the
beginning of going low before(he was 89 when I changed).

But I think the BIGGEST thing we did was to get it out of sight out of mind.
Like I have mentioned, he is opposed to clothing, but I insisted he put on a
shirt and I tucked it into the pocket (inside out) and we just moved on.  I
think it was completely in his face all morning, hanging and dragging and
wrapped around here there and everywhere.  And I think he may have made it
tender by tugging on it a bit, too.  Where I thgouth it wouldbe fun for him
to toy with ways to wear it(mostly , thoguh, cause I had no CLUE how to do
it) it was actually a huge pain.  Since summer is vcoming, he is going to
have to make sure to cover up for the sun anyhow, so I'll just hope he is
used to wearing itin his shirt by winter  LOL  (and YES, he SHOULD wear
clothes in the winter, too, but in the house he LOVES to streak! )
 deep breath.........
he is still upset, but I am taking some advice from each letter and working
it into the plan now or int he future..
Thank you soo much for your answerrs, but mostly for allowing me to post
here .  Just KNOWING you were all out here made all the difference in the
world to me.

Phew--another hour over
Charisma :l
*making a list to get ice cream, a fun "forbidden snack,"*

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