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It definitely takes a while for kids to get used to the infusion part of it.  
Have you tried the Siloette?  My 13 year old daughter has a strong preference 
for this type.  The "gun" to insert the Sofset was often quite painful, and 
the Sofset itself was often uncomfortable or even painful.  I forget how old 
your child is, but have you considered bribing him?  Children often don't 
understand the concept of "it takes getting used to" and often respond to 
more concrete rewards like money, toys or other treats.  For example, my 
daughter usually makes some money for an A1C under 7.0.  My husband and I 
don't mind paying for compliance because we consider it work on our 
daughter's part, and we want to instill good habits now while she is young.  
As everyone else on this list has told me when I sent out my SOS which I 
believe you might have responded to ("ready to quit the pump - help"), HANG 
IN THERE!  It IS miserable for the first few months, then it goes away.  I 
feel for you; being in the early stages and all.  It will get better.  Keep 
in touch.
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