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Hi Charisma,

To add to the advice, emphasize that now that this is in, he doesn't have
to have a "shot" for X many days, as opposed to 2 (or 3 or whatever) shots
a day. Also, point out that he can eat whenever he wants, and illustrate
that with some food. :-) Whatever things he likes that the pump will now
let him do, talk about that.

I think I'd do what I could (bribes, etc.) to get him to keep the pump on
for now. I think Sam's right, if you can just get him a bit used to it.
Does he have any snazzy cases or anything to play with? (That always got

And, of course, other parents may have much better advice on this front,
since they've done this.

I think preparation is key. Talk about it alot, having this pump on him all
the time, but also the advantages it brings. I always thought, pre-pump,
that I would hate being attached to something all the time, but that really
hasn't bothered me at all.

Good luck!!!


Jenny Nash
freelance writer and editor
email @ redacted

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