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I have a radical suggestion that you may choose to ignore.

Looking back after I finished - What I wrote is a HOW TO and not what I intended
to be here and I do not know how to change it.....

In retrospect, I am trying to say is that the feelings about doing something are
often more important than the actual mechanics.   Although we may not agree with
someone elses's thoughts and feelings, they are just as valid as ours - and
probably more important if it is directly related to them.

It is difficult to deal with feelings themselves.  It is even more dificult if
someone important to me doesn't accept, acknowledge, and support something that
is MINE alone.

And if I am open to both talking and listening about feelings I will find that I
am probably not the only one on a very similar journey........


email @ redacted wrote:

> Oh I am at a copmplete losss.  he is BEGGING me to take the pump out.
> I did a site change because he said it hurt and although his bg was good, it
> did look as if it had some blood.  I could not remember which site you all
> had been talking about when you were saying it had a red spot.  that was
> what it was.  A red spot on the soft set itself.  The site on his stomach is
> perfectly ok, no blood.
> I used a tender this time since that was what the doc wanted anyhow.
> It has been in ten minutes and he is BEGGING me to take it out.
> Now, he is prone to histrionics, but I am not sure.
> WHAT DO I DO??????

Take it out.   The radical part is to first take the time to really look at why
it is so important to YOU that HE has the pump.

> I know I am the mother here, BUT it IS his body and maybe I did it wrong???
> Or maybe it does hurt?
> Too early to take a bg and see if it is in correctly, but when I bolused to
> fill the cannula, I could not tell if that was air under the window showing
> his tummy, or insulin.

Next and even more radical is to tell you what he is feeling and to help YOU
understand why he doesn't want the pump attached.  (It is not a test and there
are not any wrong answers.)

After he is finished let him know why you want him to have a pump....

And as a simple final interchange let him tell you if there is anything that
would help him be OK with the pump.

> Sigh.  I knew I was gonna have troubles, but not 16 hours into it.
> Charisma $%^*^&

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