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[IP] doctor visit today

Lori wrote:
>  endo asked me if I was following my diet.  

LOL...I had been on the pump a month and I went in to see the quack who put 
me on it...his first question was, "what bolus do you take for lunch?"  I 
looked at him, waiting for the rest of the question...he was like, "well?"  
and I said, "it depends on WHAT I eat!"  He EXPECTED me to say that my 
standard lunch bolus was X units, because I was eating the SAME thing, the 
ADA prescribed DIE-et that I had been given.  I laughed and said, "i take 1 
unit of insulin for every 15 grams of cho, and sometimes I didn't eat lunch 
at all..."   He asked...."uh, what do you take for a bagel?"  I said, 
"depends on the weightand if there is raisins in it"  I almost felt bad for 
him...trying to wrest control from me and failing miserably

> I kind of fibbed and said yes, 

It ain't a fib.  He asked if you were following YOUR diet...and you sure 
are...YOUR diet, YOUR choices, YOUR responsibility...though I want to know 
how you could get through girl scout cookies with no bolus...but hey, strange 
things like that happen to me every once in a while too.

>  Why should I have to follow a diet?  

like you say, if you want to lose weight, then yes, you ought to watch what 
you eat a little more carefully, but it sounds to me like he wants the 
control.  He wants to be able to pinpoint why the pump may not be working for 
you...He can say, "oh you are not following your diet...LIKE I TOLD 

>  but isn't that most of the purpose of the pump, to NOT have 
> to follow that darn ADA diet?  

YES YES YES...though, I still occasionally refer back to some of that stuff 
so I know how much of something i don't eat often is a "regular" bread 
exchange, which have  15 grams of cho, which makes it easy for lazy me to 
figure my bolus...I certainly don't go by: 1 meat, 1 milk, 1 fat, 1 fruit and 
2 bread exchanges anymore!

>   He said I could request a diabetic menu on the plane 

you COULD, but why would you want to?  although I have to say, when you DO 
order a special request meal, it is usually BETTER than the other ones...it 
has been prepared "special" - not mass produced like the 4,789 other chicken 
calzones that everyone else is getting, and sometimes the lo-sodium ones are 
pretty good....but then, sometimes the food isn't that bad...do what YOU 
want, not what the doctor says (in my humble opinion as one who thinks 
doctors like yours are control freaks).  Eyeball your tray, same as you would 
at a friends house for dinner...make a guess and bolus. you are going to be 
testing regularly ANYWAY (right) and if you over or under estimate, you CAN 
fix it!!! Is he going to recommend you NOT have a pina colada or a mai tai 
once you land in tahiti???

>  I didn't have the nerve this time to tell him that I don't 
> really follow a diet so to speak, I know what I can and cannot
>  eat, and I am careful with it all.

that last part...I know what I can and cannot eat and I am careful with it 
all, sums it up.  If you don't feel comfortable telling him that,don't...but 
why not.  he will attribute your improved numbers to you following  his 
orders....pfffffttt...put a pin in his swelled, control freak head...tell him 
YOU do the math and YOU do the eating and YOU make the choices....

have an awesome trip!!!

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