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At 12:11 PM 3/29/00 email @ redacted wrote:
 >Oh I am at a copmplete losss.  he is BEGGING me to take the pump out.
 >I did a site change because he said it hurt and although his bg was good, it
 >did look as if it had some blood.  I could not remember which site you all
 >had been talking about when you were saying it had a red spot.  that was
 >what it was.  A red spot on the soft set itself.  The site on his stomach is
 >perfectly ok, no blood.

It's probably because it is all new and a bit scary. Hang tough... he'll 
get used to it. You may feel like a terrible mom for awhile, but in the 
long term it's going to be much better for him. Some of the pain may be 
real, but I suspect that a lot may be imagination and fear. None of us like 
being attached to something foreign all day... but, as adults, we also know 
that the alternatives are much worse. For children it is worse, because 
they don't understand all of the ramifications the way adults do. You just 
need to calm him down as much as possible and try to re-assure him that it 
will get better. We have lots of kids on pumps here to prove it.

Just make sure that you use a very shallow angle when inserting the Tender 
or Silhouette... also, some spots are more sensitive than others, so if I 
hit a bad spot, I just pull back and try another location. Most of them, 
however, are virtually pain-free, if you don't go in too deep. You might 
want to try one on yourself to see what it's like.

Best of luck.


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