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Re: [Re: [RE: [IP] RE: Insurance Questions]]

About finding out how supplies and pumps, etc. are covered.  After many
years of dealing with my BCBS of Michigan, I have found that if you get the
number (I think it's the hix number or something like that, which you can
get from the supplies vendor) and give the insurance people that number when
you ask if the supply is covered.  Then, they know right where to look.  If
you ask about the supply by name, they just don't have a clue.  BTW this
number is usually a letter followed by 4 digits.  For instance, a code for a
pump is E0784,  a couple infusion sets are A4231 and A4230, cartridges are

Type 1 for nearly 37 years, still waiting for insurance approval...

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