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[IP] Smoking

  I smoked for about a week and decided it was really gross! My husband,
however, started when he was 10 and quit when he was 23.
   For him, it just took finding the right motivation. His own health
wasn't a good enough reason. I had to threaten to never has his children!

  My mother never smoked, but my father did. Yuck! I told my hubby that
I would not, under any circumstances, bring a child into a home full
of smoke.
   That did it. he got an appt. with the ship's doctor the next day (he
was Navy at the time). Patches were prescribed. He didn't even finish
all the patches because he said they worked so well. Whatever! As long
as he quit, I didn't care. 
   He has gained a few pounds since then....maybe 20? I like a little
flab in my arms a lot better than secondhand smoke in my lungs. When
I have fears about him starting up again, I lokk at him playing with
our 2 children and those fears melt away. He would never do anything
to jeopardize their health. Even if our 2-year-old wasn't diabetic.
  So anyway, find the proper motivation. If your own health is a good
enough reason, do it for someone else. Your spouse? children? parents?
friends? I'm sure they would all like to see you live as long and healthy
a life as you can. Do it for them, and for us. We'd like to see you hang
around for a while, too.


Mom to JayJay
born 2/13/98, dx'd 1/31/99
...sweet as ever

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