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Re: [IP] sharps container

At 08:59 AM 3/29/00 email @ redacted wrote:
 >The reason I do not is that I had an expericnce with my trash person.  He
 >refused to take my trash anymore after he saw I had a milk carton filled
 >with some bleach and marked "SHARPS. "
 >He was equally frightened whern I showed him the alternative--the expensive
 >sharps container--as it had that sticker on there marked medical biohazard
 >or whatever it is marked.
 >So I just tie them into a small bag and put it int he middle of the trash.
 >BUt I do CLIP the needles generally.

I don't know about your trash company, but it is illegal for mine to pick 
up things like this and I could be cited if I tried. There are usually 
designated disposal places for medical waste... you may want to call your 
trash hauler and ask about this. If that doesn't help, try calling local 
doctors or dentists to find out what they do with theirs.

With the fear of AIDS and other diseases, I can't actually blame the 
garbage men for being concerned.


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