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Re: [IP] smoking


Yes, I used to smoke.  With every cig. I would think of the damage it was 
doing to me.  But........That still didn't help.  Then one day after I had 
smoked for about 15 years I just said this is crazy.  I took the pack and put 
it on my car seat (because I especially smoked while driving) left it there 
and never touched another.  I actually hated the smell etc.after I quite.  My 
S.O. still smoked and continued until lung cancer took her life.  At that 
time I had not smoked for 15 years.  My friends smoked and I was spending 
more and more time with them and was very depressed and in morning and I 
picked up a cig.  I was back on them for one year.  Again each one I smoked I 
knew what I was doing to myself but at that time I really didn't care.  It 
took me almost a month to talk myself into quitting and once again I carried 
the pack with me and just didn't smoke.  The first time I quit there were no 
helpers like we have today.  The second time I got a pack of those fake 
cig's. I don't remember their name but they were made from lettuce leaves and 
not only tasted terrible but smelled terrible.  Oh, I just remembered I think 
they were called Bravo. I vowed, however, that if I was going to have to have 
a cig. it would only be one of those.  I think I only smoked about 5 of them 
and I had had enough. 

Now, the secret.......at least I think it was for me and I believe it should 
work for everyone.  You must truly want to quit.  If you are not to that 
point no matter what you try you will fail.  Don't be afraid to fail because 
that is a possibility and don't think if you fail that that is it for you, 
try, try, try, again and again and again until it happens.  I'm sure you 
already know all of this but it never hurts to hear it again.
Just try it, you may like it.  Good luck and you have my thoughts and my 
prayers that you can do this.  Look at it like a medicine that you have to 
take.  Only instead of taking something you are giving up something so you 
will live longer.  Hope this helps. YOU CAN BE STRONG AND YOU CAN DO 

It helps if you don't hang around with smokers too.  Glad to say all of my 
friends but one has given up the habit now and I now have another S.O. who 
gave up cig's
because I made that a stipulation of the relationship.

Nancy, 35 years D 12 Years pumping.  Let me know if you decide to do it.
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