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Re: [IP] sharps container

Where I live (Marion, Iowa -- hardly the bright lights and the big city:),
the solid waste people (a.k.a.garbage collection agency) have a recycling
site out by the landfill that has a special place to drop off 'hazardous'
biomedical waste.  It's a barrel in the corner with a red liner (instead of
the regular blue ones).  I had to ask the first time I went out there where
to put it, since it isn't really well marked.

I just put sharp metal things in the sharps container -- tubing etc. without
exposed pointy bits can go in the regular trash, according to my CDE.  The
teflon canulas apparently don't count as sharp.

I found out where to go with this by calling the agency -- it also is in
their book about recycling (not that they do, with medical waste, but that's
where the information landed).  Call your agency and see if they have
something similar.  Another possibility is the doctor's office or diabetes
educator's office -- they probably have heard the question before.  For
really small towns, the local hospital might be willing to help you dispose
of it, but I suppose they might charge for it.

Hope this helps.  A sharps container, even when I was using syringes, lasted
me the better part of a year, and was harder for little fingers to shake
things out of, so it was worth the > $5.00 it cost at K-mart.

Hope this helps.

Kathy Trondsen
26 hours of pumping experience, 34 yrs of syringes before that.

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