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Re: [IP] trash generated by D+ site question

This may not work with little kids in the house, but I keep a coffee can buy
my bed.  Into there goes all of the lancets, test strips, old reservoirs,
any needles I may use.  In the coffee can I keep an empty test strip bottle
that I put all the needles from the softsets.  When the can is full or I get
another can I get out mans secret weapon (duck tape).  With it sealed I take
the can to work and throw it in the Micro Labs bio waist.  The trash people
that I have asked how to dispose of these materials have said that if it is
in a sealed sturdy opaque container they are happy.

For testing trash or unexpected sight changes away from home.  I have again
empty test strip containers in by bag and I carry it all home for the coffee
can.  There are many containers on the market to serve as a coffee can.

It works for me and I have never, or anyone in my family has been stuck by
any of the probably 40 some thousand needles I have thrown out.

Tom Carlson

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From: Bethany T. Benton <email @ redacted>

>One concern I have--when folks use the softset, and pull the needle back
>out, that is just and accident waiting to happen--is there a piece I am
>missing to cap that ????   it seems like a nasty one to forget about while
>crumpling the mess, or squishing my trash down  !  And ya KNOW I'm gonna do
>it.  What do ya'll do?
>In each soft set package there is a soft plastic cap to use with the Quick
>release.  I keep one in a plastic container and carry it with me.  Every
>time I do a site change I cap the inserter needle with the soft plastic
>(Not the cap that covers the end going to the reservoir - there's another
>one.)  Granted the needle is bigger than the cap - but it covers about 1/2
>inch of the needle.
>Hope that helps.
>IDDM 15 yrs
>Pumping 3/6/00
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for HELP or to subscribe/unsubscribe, contact: HELP@insulin-pumpers.org
send a DONATION http://www.Insulin-Pumpers.org/donate.shtml