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Re: [IP] first pm report newbie pumper

In a message dated 03/29/2000 4:51:33 AM US Mountain Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< We'll see what doc says tomorrow, butPaddy had a
 fairly fatty dinnner and very late.  hmmmmm.........
Congrats on the start.    BINGO, you hit it on the head about the high fat 
late dinner.  If I do that, eat late and fatty, I usually have to wake up 
twice in the night, usually at 2 and 5am and bolus down a high.  For some 
reason it takes A LOT more insulin than if I had had a fatty lunch and chased 
it down in the afternoon.

Wasn't it fun to have the stable afternoon numbers?

Good luck today!
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