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Re: [IP] smoking

     I'm a former smoker.  I never smoked more than a half pack a day.  I don't 
     have any advice to give you except that it is something you must want to 
     do.  Everytime I thought about quitting, I would think this is my last 
     cigarette and couldn't face that.  It took a long time of talking to myself 
     and deciding I didn't want to smoke any more.  When I decided I really 
     didn't want to do it, I just stopped.  Every once in a while I wish I had a 
     cigarette but it passes quickly.  Good Luck.  It's great to be smoke free.

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Subject: [IP] smoking
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Date:    03/29/2000 10:58 AM

I went to see a Neurologist yesterday, I am being tested for a mitochondrial
disease, but that's a whole other story, anyway, I am a smoker (I know, I
know), I was wondering how many of us pumpers are smokers? The Neurologist
told me point blank, that I will not live to see my kids married, he then
asked if I drank, and I do not, he said he'd rather I was a drinker than a
smoker! I'm sure that was a joke, but he sure scared me, with his comments.
I need to quit. It's so difficult, have any of you quit? Can anyone give me
some advice? Please don't yell at me either, I have heard it all.


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