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[IP] support for quitting smoking

I have not ever "quit" smoking, cause I tried it for two months and hated
But I just thought I'd loan you some support.
I HAVE lost down from 350+ to 224.  The only thing that is true, is that it
is hard.  It is hard to give something up, but you absolutely HAVE to decide
to do it for yourself  and not out of guilt or shame.  For you.  That is the
only way I was able to make it throught the especially difficult
temptations. AND it has taken almost 9  years so far.  But I HAVE made
changes.  And replacing eating with Yoga was the answer for me, as exercise
made me nuts, but Yoga makes me feel strong and healthy and calm.  If I
never lose another pound I am finally happy with myself and am a healthy
"fat" person which they now say is better than being a thin person but
sedentary lifestyle.
Charisma :)

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