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[IP] trash generated by D+ site question

I do agree that this a condition which generates TONS more trash than I am
comfortable with!
This is ridiculous! I feel really guilty, especially in the am when I see
the huge overnight pile of alcohol swabs, their packaging, the strips, THEIR
packaging, needles, etc..

And site change--man-that made me NUTS last night looking at the wad of
trash I had.

One concern I have--when folks use the softset, and pull the needle back
out, that is just and accident waiting to happen--is there a piece I am
missing to cap that ????   it seems like a nasty one to forget about while
crumpling the mess, or squishing my trash down  !  And ya KNOW I'm gonna do
it.  What do ya'll do?

The pump trainer last night reommended we not use the softset casue of
possible crimping--any problems out there?
They recommended, he said, um, oh tender I think--a long one tht looks like
a crossed sword in the package.

Also, tons of trouble so far keeping th dang pump ON his person.  so far he
has had it around his chest like a minuteman strap, but he is getting tired
of that.  And no, he is NOT wearing a shirt.  hates clothes.  I know it will
come in time, but I am not sure how to proceed yet.
Charisma :)

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