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Subject: Re: [IP] BIG FAVOR...PLEASE


I am on my second MM pump. Both times MM forgave the co-pay.  On my last
pump about one year old now.  I kept getting bills because of the refusal of
my insurance company to pay what they agreed to. I spoke to MM and they told
it would be helpful if I contacted the insurance to complain which I did.  I
was assured that the billing was more of formality than an attempt to have
me pay.

We sometimes take for granted the complexity of our health care system.  I
have been on a pump for over 20 years and am amazed at how well I have been
served despite the fact that I had to become assertive (maybe aggressive)
with insurance companies a few times

Both times MiniMed "worked" the system to get the right paperwork submitted
and to receive approval from my insurance company before sending the pump.
This was not over two to three weeks.  I considered this a reasonable
approach for sending me a $5.000 piece of equipment.
    _`\<,_   Irv
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