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Re: [IP] RE: Insurance Questions

NOTE: The following is from Jan Hughey 

> Subject: Re: [IP] RE: Insurance Questions
> i sure hope no
> one else in the family has an "accident" or something and needs,
> say.........crutches..........sorry Charlie, Matt needs his supplies.
> VBG.
> Mag

I find the most interesting things at Goodwill Stores. You never know when
you'll need something that's unusual. A couple years ago I bought a raised
toilet seat for $3.00 (don't know how much full price is). I got it, washed
it in bleach water and stored it away. When I fell last September, it came
in very handy. When I had my foot surgery last December it came in handy. I
fell again in January and used it. I now have a pinched nerve in my back and
it am so glad that seat is here.  I often see crutches for sale, canes, etc.
I'm going to get a cane next time I see one. I could probably use one right
now.  I wouldn't/don't use my limited insurance amount for something I can
pick up pretty cheap otherwise.
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