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Re: [[IP] Re:Help Low Low Low!!!!!!!! ]

"Lori Kissick" <email @ redacted> wrote:
> Well it is Midnight and loos like it will be a long night so I thought I 
> would post this to see what I am doing wrong Ryan went like this
> 8:00 pm 2.8   2 tablets
> 8:30 pm 3.1   60cho for snack bolus for 45 because of low

I don't understand why he got a bolus at this point. When I get low I will
eat and let it be digested, ofthen cutting the existing basal rate (using a
temp basal) to 0.1 or 0.1 for 30 minutes to an hour, depending on how low I
was orginally.

> 9:30 pm 3.6   gave juice

It sounds like his basals may have just been set too high for needs at that
point in time. They may have worked the day before, but things shift
sometimes, especially when just starting pumping.

> 11:00   2.7   1 cup milk

For continuing lows like this milk may not be the best thing to have.
It is usually good becuse it will last longer, but it DOES take a bit longer
to get started. Incidentally, if he's drinking whole milk this would slow
absorption even more because of the higher fat content: if he drinks low fat
or skim milk it would be faster acting.

Personally I never used milk for hypos, always OJ, candy or glucose pills.
It goes to work sooner and doesn't leave anything for later processing, which
tends to complicate life later in the day. If the next meal is too far away
I'll eat something solid 1/2 hour or so after the fast acting items to hold me

> 11:30   2.1   juice and half cheese sandwich

Did you bolus for this meal? If so, too much. If not, the basals are set too

> 11:45   2.3   Juice and shut pump off
> 12:05   3.6   Pump still off

20 minutes is a bit short for real results to show. I'd try testing after 
at least 45 minutes. Things take time, and juice does need some time to break
down since it is a more complex form of sugar  than straight glucose.

> Am I doing something wrong or is a low low hard to bring up like a high high

> is hard to bring down?? 

It really shouldn't be hard to bring the bg back up f the basal rates are set
correctly for his needs at the time. Children can have very volatile 
bg variations for many reasons.

Ted Quick
email @ redacted

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