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[IP] Low Low!!!!!!!!

I am lost.  Can you help me out.
If he is low, why did you bolus at 8:30?
Or did you mean you were anticipating more low BECAUSE you had given a bolus
at an earlier snack???
At 11:00 I am just wondering why milk?  I know for Paddy, milk does not do a
heck of a lot immediately.
Man, what a tough night!  I'll bet Ryan loved this, too.  Paddy HATES having
to have midnight picnics.

But, if I tally this up right, (based on what Paddy would have eaten here,
what these foods are at our house CHO wise) Ryan had:
  8    2 tablets
60   ??
45   ??
30   I am guessing a cup of juice
  7   I am guessing a cup of milk
30  again guessing cup juice
14  for one piece bread
  3   for half sandwich of cheese
---   for mayo and mustard
15  more juice, but I figure he MUST have been waterlogged by now so would
not cooperate
212 CHO (or 14 choices)
Lets tally it up differently, saying he only drank 1/2C juice each time
which makes it about 167 cho or approx 11 choices.  Man, he was really
resistent to treatment there!

Is there any chance he reset his pump somehow?

I will be curious to see if you have a high in the am from all of this--will
you keep us posted??
Sorry you were up so late Lori
Charisma :)

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