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[IP] Re:Help Low Low Low!!!!!!!!

Well it is Midnight and loos like it will be a long night so I thought I 
would post this to see what I am doing wrong Ryan went like this
8:00 pm 2.8   2 tablets
8:30 pm 3.1   60cho for snack bolus for 45 because of low
9:30 pm 3.6   gave juice
11:00   2.7   1 cup milk
11:30   2.1   juice and half cheese sandwich
11:45   2.3   Juice and shut pump off
12:05   3.6   Pump still off

Am I doing something wrong or is a low low hard to bring up like a high high 
is hard to bring down?? Any suggestions would be great and I am off to do 
another test. Thank you
Lori mom of Ryan
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