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Re: [IP] Riding high in the afternoon

The stress of having your teeth removed can cause your BGs to rise. It is a
trauma to your body. Were you given any prednisone by chance to reduce
swelling? Were you put out so you didn feel anything? Healing of the body
can also make my BGs go up. 
Maybe if you ate something if you can the food will help the insulin to work.
Sounds like your body is going through alot right now. When things heal and
settle down you will be ok.
It is amazing the things that cause the BGs to go up. It is also more
difficult to keep BGs down when one cannot eat..I know..I cannot swallow
and get stuck eating things like mashed potatos, and mushy foods..
Hang in there and let your body heal..things will get better :)
Ginny who is now on 80 mg pred per day OY talk about a mess with BGs,

At 04:44 PM 03/28/2000 -0500, you wrote:
>     OK this just may be a phase I am going through. But the last few days 
>     between 2 and 4 pm I jump almost 150 points for no apparent reason. I 
>     eat lunch at 11:30am cover for the carbs and I am within range at 
>     2:00pm 120-140. Then I test again at 4 to see how to reduce my basal 
>     before my work out and have been 240-260 I haven't eaten a thing. MY 
>     carbo to insulin rate has also dropped from near 19 to 14 in the last 
>     week.  I recently had my wisdom teeth out and have been on penicillin 
>     for 5 days. Can penicillin make your sugar rise. I didn't think so? IT 
>     is taking me longer to eat. Harder to chew when your being careful not 
>     to disturb the stitches in the back. Could the digestion and the 
>     insulin be off? No pain, funny smell or sign of infection, so I don't 
>     think that is it.  I've upped my basal rate again will see if that 
>     helps.  Could be just hormones too. Getting close to that time of 
>     month but typically if that is the cause everytime of day I run higher 
>     not just during the mid afternoon. I am just getting frustrated.  I 
>     can't teach my aerobic class tonight because of it. I tried doing that 
>     yesterday and ended up at 21 after. Luckily my husband can cover for 
>     me. 
>     Brooke 
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for HELP or to subscribe/unsubscribe, contact: HELP@insulin-pumpers.org
send a DONATION http://www.Insulin-Pumpers.org/donate.shtml