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Re: [Re: [RE: [IP] RE: Insurance Questions]]

Carole Eve <email @ redacted> wrote:
> >Ted....just to confuse things more.....BCBS is playing the old shell game!
> ><<<Just to add more confusion to the subject, my BC/BS insurance lists 
> >pumps,all pump supplies (except insulin, of course) and test strips as 
> >being DME. I've given up trying to make sense of it, I think the real 
> >objective is to hide the items we need in an unusual place so the people 
> >we call with questions won't find it, and can tell us it isn't
> I called my state BCBS and THEY cover pumps under Major Medical...and 
> apparently the supplies, too!! 

I really doubt they do, it's almost certainly bad information from someone who
doesn't know. Call them back repeatredly and talk to different people.
Ask some of them specifically to check about the DME coverage for a pump
FIRST, llet the others try to wangle their way through the quagmire.

After you have a variety of answwers, noting names of those who gave them,
call and ask for a supervisor. If that gets a runaround ask for his

The same organization calls a pump two 
> different things!! Part of their definition of DME is.."item must be made 
> to withstand repeated use...". I should think that a definition would be
>   all-inclusive!! 

I'm pretty sure it is.

As to the supplies..the woman there didn't quite know 
> what that was all about.....so at this point, it appears they are under 
> Major Medical.

That's what I mean, they are trying to decide without looking it up what it
comes under. If all else fails you can always telll them you'll be glad to
have their state insurance commisioner come and find out for them....

Of course, your plan may be different for some odd reason. 

Ted Quick
email @ redacted

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