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[IP] Russian Child

Several weeks ago, I asked if anyone would like to donate supplies to Russian children.  This is a letter I got back from an 11 yr old girl who just finished a winter camp with Dr. Sam Wentworth.   Some of you may know that Dr. Wentworth also brings Russian children to the United States for summer camp in Indiana.  He does a great service.  Let me add my personal thanks to hers for all you have done for these children. 
Hello, dear Linda! I was in winter diabetic camp. I have seen doctor Sam and
his wife Sandra, Pola, David and american children. Pola and David have
diabetes too. On the lecture David and Dasha told about insulin pump. Dasha is
russian girl and she was in America. Lena was in America too and they were
our leaders. Many russian children were in America. Sam told about diabetes
very much. Pola likes to sing songs. There was swimming-pool, disco. We went
for a walk with snow-cars, swam, had meetings. I have got many presents. American people gave us needle for syringes and lancets.
Sam had told us about America and diabetic camp. I like this camp very much.
I want to say "THANKS" to american people who help children with diabetes.
Linda, send, please, Doctor Sam my THANKS VERY MUCH!!!
I want to be his friend.     
                                          Good-bye, Alla.