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[IP] protein pee

hey it is a common question so i will post it tothe list as well and those 
not interested can click DELETE........NOW


Ace inhibitors are commonly used to lower blood pressure, but sdtudies have 
shown that SOMETHING about them helps the kidneys with the protein,  The 
first stage of kidney problem in called MICROALBUMINISM...where they see 
microscopic amounts of protein.  This is probably what your doctor sees.  
Tests jave shown that if you start the ACE inhibitors in THIS stage, rather 
than waiting until the damage progresses into PROTEININURIA, then you MAY be 
able to halt the advance...so I say GO FOT IT...It is very well accepted 
practice now for diabetics to be put on ace inhibitors, like catopril, there 
are others that are beta blockers I belive, such as Norvasc... adn many more.

At first, you may notice being a little light headed due to the 
antihypertensive effects for which the drug was originally used, but your 
body will eventually compensate for this

When I tell people I am taking capoten and they say, oh my husband takes 
that...maybe if you lost some weight, you blood pressure would go down.  I 
give them that "look" and say, no, dear, my blood pressure is fine, this pill 
is keeping me off dialysis hopefully for another 20 years...."

>  I am quite nervous about taking such medication!

don't be - any drug you can take that can prevent, slow down or reverse a 
complication of this hsitty  disease is worth the cost...You have diabetes a 
LONG time...if you are just NOW having some protein, I would NOT be that 
worried about it and would look at it as dental floss on dentures!

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