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[IP] Re:Any suggestions

Iam so confused at this crazy numberjumping.When Ryan first started pumping 
he was very low. Then went high for about a week I assumed from illness. 
Then went low again for a while then high.I did not change basal rates 
because did not know what was going on. Anyway night basals seem to be set 
ok as numbers were all staying in range. On Saturday I did get a fasting 
test in and from 8am till 1pm the numbers all stayed in the 5 range so that 
seemed really good.Anyway for the last three days he has been very low 1.8  
2.4  3.2 and so on. What is happening I thought the basals seemed good now 
we are very low again. Any one know why this would change so suddenly? Why 
do we go from high to low from one week to the other without having changed 
basals or anything?Is it the spring in the air? lol  Any suggestions would 
be great. Thank you
Lori mom of Ryan
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