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Re: [IP] doctor visit today

In a message dated 3/28/00 8:49:42 PM US Eastern Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< I had my normal 3 month check up with my endo today, and he asked me if I
 was following my diet.  >>

Why don't you ask your doctor how many years *he's* been faithfully following 
the ADA diet?  :-)

Are you keeping your BGs in range as much as possible? Do you eat healthy, 
balanced meals as much as possible (as *all* people, not just those with 
diabetes,  *should* do)? 

If so, then what's the problem? It's your life and it's your body. You are 
taking care of it the best you can and I know that those of us with DM know a 
lot more about our bodies than the general population knows about theirs. 

I think it's taking longer for some health care practitioners to get used to 
the idea that we can count carbs, allow for fat, and cover what we eat rather 
than following a rigid meal plan all of the time. I think it's taking longer 
for some health care practitioners to think of us as human beings instead of 
as a disease. I believe that may change in the future -- but I'm not holding 
my breath.

In the meantime, I find docs and support people who discuss things with me, 
give me my options and help me to make the best decisions.

BTW, the last time I saw my endo, I had gained two pounds. I had also 
improved my A1c considerably and my lipids were all in acceptable ranges. He 
focused on my accomplishments, then just smiled and said, "We'll attribute 
those extra two pounds to 'water weight.' "  LOL

(who still has three boxes of Girl Scout cookies left  :-\  )

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