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[IP] At Last


I just had to share.  I got an At Last meter for free ( it pays to go to 
meetings and having a big mouth :-)  ).  Anyway, I've been plaing around 
with it all day.  Comparing it to my Glucometer Elite and I have fallen in 
love for the 2nd time, well maybe third time.  First Steve, then the  pump 
again, and now the At Last.  I am one happy camper with this meter.  It 
works GREAT.  I think my fingers will be very happy not getting poked 10 
times a day.

The results have been very comparable to the Elite so that makes me happy 
and I can get a result after my first try.  I am absolutely in love with 
this machine.  Pretty scary huh?  :-)  I am just so excited.  It doesn't 
hurt and I get good results.  I even tested my first love, Steve and he 
didn't feel a thing.  Came in at 90 so I was a bit peeved but oh well he's 
not diabetic.  <VBG>

Fran, who's a happy camper.

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