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Hi Charisma...you light in a gloomy day!! I think I have solved the dilemma 
as to how I will get a pump...as well as a CPAP machine!! I didn't know 
that I have another insurance coverage to use that covers things better!! 
And it's the SAME company....BCBS!! My policy that I was trying to hold 
onto and use paid a pitiful 50% with a max of $3000 and called both things 
DME. The other policy that I was unaware of stretched to include me (BCBS 
again) calls the same items Major Medical and pays 80%!! Go figure. So I 
hope to be pumping after I start up with the new doctor in 2 weeks (given 
the time warp imposed by all the paperwork, etc.
I won't be bothering the helpful people that you referred me 
to....hopefully they can assist another helpless person!! Thanks for all 
your help!
BTW...my Ex of 3 years just had my van repossessed....long story...but he 
was the last contract holder even though I got it in the divorce and have 
been paying on it! He was angry that the insurance company is going after 
him for about $8000 in checks that they mistakenly sent him for my 
bills....so he called the finance company for my van and told them to pick 
it up....granted, I am in Alabama and he is in California.....I have an 
Alabama title in my name and the court order.....doesn't help a bit...he 
was allowed to call the shots since they would never write a new contract 
in MY name. They offered to sell it to me for a flat fee that includes 
about an additional $1000 for the repo costs!!! They took all my belongings 
inside with it and say that I need my Ex's permission to have access to the 
items...my RX glasses, etc. Just when does the law stand on MY side of the 
line anyway??? Grrrrrrrrrr....(venting)...........Carole Eve
PS...SO VERY EXCITED for you and Paddy!!!! :)

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