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Sorry I haven't been clear. I have 9 kids 5 with diabetes, and 3 of the 5
still live at home.Alex who is 10 Nat who is 7 and Ayana whos 6. The first
of my six Alex was diagnosed Nov. of 94' at that time we had his twin
tested for antibodies who was negative.All my kids have been tested for
antibodies, only one who doesnt have diabetes tested postive, my little one
Aether and when i found he will get it i had to stay in bed for 2 days. In
this order after that Chloe Ayana Nat and then Star at age 17 was diagnosed.
So its been about 7 years ive been dealing with diabetes. Im sorry if my
post confused all of you sometimes my family tends to do that. My husband
Jude is also diabetic but thank god is well controlled threw his shots. I
spoke to my endos Nurse today and said that he seems to be on the fence
about letting Alex pump.
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> The first thing I was curious about is how many children and how many are
> diabetic in your household?  It sounded like you have 5 but I was a little
> confused.  We recently went through this same problem and I can tell you
> the more you research and know yourself, the better you'll be.  You can
> present an intelligent argument (if it comes to that) for the pump.
> both pump companies and request all info they will give.  They have
> representatives who will be glad to talk to you and even help convince
> doctor that the pump is the way to go.  If none of that works you might
> to find another doctor if you are really serious about wanting a pump.  We
> had to do this and Disetronic found us a new doctor.  They have a list of
> docs in your area that work with pumps. They have been WONDERFUL!!!!!  If
> would like more info I'd be glad to help but I don't want to talk your ear
> off.  Good luck!  It will be worth it all!!!!   :)
>   <A HREF="http://disetronic-usa.com/">www.disetronic-usa.com</A>
>  <A HREF="http://www.minimed.com/">The Home of Insulin Pump Therapy</A>
>             Stephanie
> The book "Pumping Insulin" is very helpful as well.

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