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Re: [IP] I got insurance OK - Now which pump?

At 03:32 PM 3/28/00 Emily Snow wrote:
 >I would suggest the disotronic because it has a tappet that you
 >insert into
 >the top of the pump and it makes it waterproof.  I have been swimming,
 >snorkeling, and water skiing with it and had no problems.  The only thing
 >you cannot do is scuba dive.  Hope this helps.

There is no one correct selection for a pump... a lot of it has to do with 
personal lifestyle. Those of us who don't swim or snorkel with the pump 
attached, don't necessarily require waterproofness... and the Minimed is 
water-resistant (meaning it will easily survive an accidental dunk in the 
pool or the tub). And since a large number of pumpers disconnect for active 
water-sports, the question becomes irrelevant for many.

I would suggest contacting all the manufacturers and getting their 
promotional material and video tapes. (see our web page for links to the 
company sites). If there are specific questions about specific features, 
please feel free to ask them here. However, the pump is a very personal 
choice and everyone seems to be very attached to their own. <vbg>

No matter which one you choose, you'll be very happy with it. This is one 
area where it is hard to make a bad choice.


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