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Re: Subject: [IP] Convince the doctor

In a message dated 03/28/2000 6:57:16 AM US Mountain Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< I do not think that there is an endo alive who could even conceive of a
 household routine that involves 5 diabetic kids - so what does he / she know
 about how many pumps you could handle.  It is fairly labor intensive to
 start up pumps, so I might do a couple at a time, starting with the older
 ones who are already approved.  >>

My gosh, I was hoping that your post was a hoax too.  I'm so sorry for 
thinking that, its just so mind boggling to think of your daily routine with 
these kids. My heart goes out to you.

But, regarding the Drs comment that 5 pumps is too much for one house to 
handle.  How many new pumpers do you think a CDE handles at one time?   How 
about over a few months??  I'm sure many more than 5.  And judging by the 
knowledge gained here by newbie pump mothers, (for example,  look back at 
Charisma's posts), many of the pump mom's learn as much or more than a lot of 
CDEs know.  And certainly you know your own kids cases and bodies much better 
than anyone else. And as the older ones get good at handling pumps, they can 
help the younger ones. I'll bet they do that with injections now, don't they?

You have to handle the D day in and day out anyways. Just because you're not 
pumping the D doesn't go away.  You have a much harder job doing the MDI than 
pumping.  The only hard part will be learning to pump, but after a bit of 
adjustment, things should actually get easier, and wouldn't that be a big 

Maybe if the doctor actually knew how to pump, he/she would see how much 
easier it really is than MDI.  Makes me want to beat them over the head with 
a Pumping Insulin book!

You best strategy is going to be to learn as much as you can so that you look 
competent to the Dr to handle it all.  And of course, there's always other 

Best of luck to you,
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