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Re: [[IP] Separate Package]

"Bonnie Richardson" <email @ redacted> wrote:
> But you see, that is the catch.....CANALAS ARE ALREADY SEPARATELY PACKAGED!
> They come in their own package whenever you buy the 10/5 combo pack!  So 
> there is no extra cost involved to sell them separately.   OK, they might 
> want to change the words on the combo box to say contains 10 canalas 
> only....but that is not a significant cost.

You might be surprised what businesses think is a significant cost. Not only
would they need to print new boxes and labels, but would also need to handle 3
kinds of package rather than 2. It does build up, and also affects the
dealer's space requirements.

Also, from a legal standpoint they may fear that a customer will lose track
and expect he has more tube sets than he does, wear out or cut his last 1 and
have no units in reserve. The current packages make it easier to be sure.
> From what I can see, all it will take is more of us asking!

You may be right.
> And while we are at it....why can't we recycle the miles of tubing and 
> plastic resorviors now going into landfills, increasing our dependence on 
> foreign oil, etc

Simplest reason possible, it can't be done reasonably. The tubing is made of 2
very different materials, the flexble outer layer that takes the abuse, and a
totally different material co-extruded as a lining. They are rather firmly
attached (except where we've bent them too much and can see a silvery patch)
and can't be separated without slitting the tube end to end and laboriously
peeling them apart. Even that probably wouldn't work.

Anyway, if they just ground them up in recycling without separating them first
you would have a non-usable mixed plastic that can't be made into anything
else. Just can't be done, at least in any economically feasible way (if at

Ted Quick
email @ redacted
Plastic molding Project Engineer

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