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[IP] Buying cannulas separately

< Actually the pump manufactures do NOT make the Silhouettes, Tenders, or 
Comforts. They are all made in Denmark by a different company, purchased 
from them OEM by MiniMed, Disetronics, or Chronimed and sold. >

The supply chain is, frankly, not our concern here. The pumpmakers sell the 
infusion sets which are made to *their* specs. IMHO, they need to be 
prodded to change the specs.

< The companies we buy them from are not directly in control of how they 
are packaged. >

Not sure who the "we" is, but the pumpmakers, who are Maersk's customers, 
CAN dictate the packaging if they're prodded by their own customers (that's 
us) to do it.

< OK, but Disetronics and Chronimed also need to be pushed for this to 
happen. >

No single pumpmaker is being singled out.

< Maersk, the company that makes them in Denmark won't make a separate 
package JUST for MiniMed, I'm sure. >

Let's let Minimed speak for Minimed. Again, the supply chain is not our 
problem, but the pumpmakers'. We're the customers and we can state clearly 
what we want and need.

< So if you're going to push 1 middle man supplier you're going to have to 
push all of them, or nothing will change. That's how OEM suppliers work. >

[I hope everyone on the list knows that OEM means "Original Equipment 
Manufacturer". That's a company that make the final product we buy, like 
G.M. or Ford or Minimed or Disetronic. An "OEM supplier" is a supplier to 
such a manufacturer, like Goodyear or Champion or Maersk.]

Retail customers like us *never* push more than the OEM. If someone has a 
problem with their new car, they take it back to the dealer. They _don't_ 
take it to the supplier of the supplier of the supplier to the car 
manufacturer that happened to make the part that broke. If we have a 
"problem" with the infusion sets (or a need that isn't being met), we can 
communicate it to the pumpmaker, who's then free to respond as they see fit.

If the IPers express interest, this can be pursued like any other quality 
issue between customers and suppliers.

regards, Andy

P.S.: Quality's simplest definition is "the ability of a product or service 
to meet the needs of the customer". 

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