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Please...I have a very big favor to ask. I am in "negotiations" with 
MiniMed. They want to bill my Blue Cross $6000 for a pump.....and find me 
responsible for whatever balance is unpaid...$3000. I need all of you good 
people that have purchased a MiniMed in, say, the last 6 months to respond 
with the dollar amount MiniMed accepted as payment in full on your pump. 
The issue isn't what the insurance will pay...it's what MiniMed accepts. 
PLEASE ruch me your answer as they are "pricing me out" of a pump!
And for you Disetronic users...do you feel that their customer support is 
like what MiniMed users say about theirs? I have tried to contact them and 
they don't respond...hmmmm...a clue?  Thanks for your help!!
  Carole (closing in on a possible pump...YES!!!!)

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