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Re: [IP] I got insurance OK - Now which pump?

>Now I have to decide which pump...I got some good advice in chat room 
>today - minimed or disetronic?  I like minimed as it has remote, but 
>disetronic is waterproof and you get two machines!

You should talk with your D rep about the "Power of Choice".  D is coming 
out with two new pumps in June but you can still get the D now and then 
trade for nothing.  I would definitely ask them about this.  I personally 
love the D for the waterproof part. I never have to disconnect and I love 
it.  But it's really what your preferences are as to which pump.  I am just 
happy to read that you're getting one.  You'll love having a pump.

>which?  advice?  I eat out, I live at the beach in florida so spend many 
>weekends and long summer afternoons at the beach and in the water!  I 
>canoe and I snorkel....rest of the time I garden, work, watch tv and do 
>jewerly making.

Again, why I love the D. With the glass cartridge and the 3 minute delivery 
I never have problems being out in 115 degree heat in AZ.
Also I can jump into water and never even think about it.

Good Luck in your decision process, but like I said once you decide I am 
sure you'll be happy to be pumping.


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