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[IP] be pumping soon!YIPEEE!

>Charisma, I know that you hoped that someday you will be able to help
others.....You have been helping me all
> along.....you ask such wonderful questions

Well, that seems appropriate since my sister's name is Julie but we call her
Jewel--she is such a big part of my life, inspiring me to take big chances!
You are welcome--I am always willing to be a guinea pig! LOL

COngrtulations!!!!!!  WOHOOOOOOO!!!!!!!

>  What a difference!  We didn't have to jump through hoops, or anything!

 I know JUST what you mean.  It is just astounding not having to play games,
isn't it?  You half keep waiting for the other shoe to drop, don't you?

One thign I learned from this list, that turned out to be VERY important, is
NOT to give long lasting insulin the day you are going to start the pump!
They just at NOON called me to tell me not to.  If I had not learned this
from you guys, I wouldhave already and would have had to reschedule the
appt!  I think a small murder might have been commiteed here if that had
happened  LOL

So, If I am not exhausted, I will give a first report tonight as he will
have it in by 8pm I expect.

Last minute jitters......

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