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Subject: [IP] Question About Basal Testing

Hi Holly,
When we do basal rate testing on school days, and I'm afraid that the hunger
will interfer with thought at school, we do all protein meals instead of
skipping a meal.  So, if we want to test the morning basals, she'll have an
egg or two, some saugage or ham, and a sugar free drink (like Tang, but
anything will do).  The protein does affect sugars some, but usually not for
3 or 4 hours, and by then, you've seen what the basals are doing for the
first part of the morning, and that's what you usually want to see.  For
lunch, we do a deli meat (like ham or turkey slices), cheese, and sugar free
jello.  Supper usually works out to just eat late, but you could do the same
thing for that.  As far as which basals to test first, get the night time
ones right - that's the easiest (no meals to skip), and IMHO, the most
important.  Then, do which ever part of the day seems to be the biggest
problem.  For us, it's almost always mornings, between breakfast and lunch,
to see what her Dawn phenomenon is up to.   But, you can start anywhere you
want to.

Nancy Morgan

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