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Re: Subject: Re: [IP] niggling weird questions

We didn't do any saline practice, just got the pump and went live! Don't
remember how long the first couple of times to change set, but long. now,
like brushing teeth... A couple of things to make up for "lost basal"
while changing set. If set has already come out, like in a pool for
example, when we put in the new set, we figure out how long it has been
out, and bolus to make up for how much insulin he didn't get. (if basal
rate is .4, set has been out for 30 minutes, bolus .2)  If you know ahead
of time you will be changing the set, bolus for the normal basal rate
before taking the set out. Sometimes we plan this so Ryan can take a good
long bath or shower while I get the set change ready. We have done this up
to an hour with not problem. I know some people can go much longer, but
for some reason much more than an hour and his bg goes high 2 hours later.
Rae, Ryan's mom

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