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[IP] Separate Package

  Ted said: Snipped>:
OK, but Disetronics and Chronimed also need to be pushed for this to happ=
Maersk, the company that makes them in Denmark won't make a separate pack=
JUST for MiniMed, I'm sure. So if you're going to push 1 =

middle man supplier you're going to have to push all of them, or nothing =
change. That's how OEM suppliers work. <Snipped.
But you see, that is the catch.....CANALAS ARE ALREADY SEPARATELY PACKAGED!
They come in their own package whenever you buy the 10/5 combo pack!  So 
there is no extra cost involved to sell them separately.   OK, they might 
want to change the words on the combo box to say contains 10 canalas 
only....but that is not a significant cost.

>From what I can see, all it will take is more of us asking!

And while we are at it....why can't we recycle the miles of tubing and 
plastic resorviors now going into landfills, increasing our dependence on 
foreign oil, etc...???..
Bonnie Richardson
Greenpeace member since 1978

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