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Re: [IP] Question About Basal Testing

> Taylor has been on the pump for 3 weeks now and his Dr wants us to
> do some basal testing.  I was wondering how other parents handled
> doing basal testing when it is during school, he is 9 and in the 3rd
> grade.  Also, which basals do you test first?
What I've done with Lily when she was younger. Since basal testing is 
a chore, I tried to make it a treat as well. When testing morning 
basals, Lily skips breakfast and then I bring her lunch at school for 
both of us. She gets to ask for "anything" -- usually some fast food 
which I pick up and bring to her. When she skips lunch, I use the 
same routine -- pick her up after school and take her out for a 
treat, whatever she wants -- a diner for a burger and a sundae -- 
whatever. Even though the basal testing and missing meals is a pain, 
she looks forward to the special time she has afterwards.

Usually we begin basal testing with night times -- an early afternoon 
meal followed by a fast until morning, however, any period during the 
day which is the MOST stable is a good time to start. 

Read the HOWTO's on basal and ratio testing as well as the section in 
Pumping Insulin.

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