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Re: [IP] Shouldn't nurses have more sense?

Im a nurse so I had to comment :)

It may not have been a real nurse that brought you food. In most 
hospitals, the doctor orders any special diet, it is typed into a 
computer, and then the food is brought up automatically by kitchen 
staff.  Unfortunately the kitchen staff has no idea what is going on 
with patients.  If it was a nurse that brought you an inappropriate 
meal, then she may have been very busy.  She may be a dumbell 
too but that is really rare :)

I dont think many people know how completely overwhelming a 
nurse's job is in a hospital setting. Often nurses have 8 to 10 
patients each, or even more!  And keep in mind for every 1 minute 
spent with a patient there is probably 10 or more minutes spent 
behinds the scenes: getting medication, preparing it, talking to the 
doctor, checking on blood work or xray results,  taking care of 
patients sicker than you, etc.  You can only do so many things in 
8 hours and we often dont have time to check everyone's tray to 
make sure it is appropriate.  If it is brought automatically by 
kitchen staff then you are likely to get your meal while the nurse is 
busy in another patient's room so she really cant check it anyways.

Im not offended by the post I just wanted to comment.

On 24 Mar 00, at 14:26, JHughey wrote:

> Cheryl, aka Mouse wrote:
> > <snip> The
> > first thing the nurses brought me to eat ((after tooth extractions))
> > was a peanut butter sandwich, well
> > that wouldn't work, so the second thing they expected me to eat was a
> turkey
> > sandwich!  Finally, my Mom got peeved and made them bring me something
> > liquid, soup or something like that, but you would think they'd have a
> > little more sense!  But anyway, I came out of it ok in the end!
> You really would expect more sense! When my hugsband had his
> tonsils out at age 55, dr. kept him over night in hosp. due to his age. He
> was instructed to have NO dairy products for THREE days, and ONLY cold
> liquids.  I went to pick him up the next a.m. and he was in the bathroom
> getting dressed. I looked at his stand with a tray on it. On closer
> examination I saw a bowl with residue in the bottom. I asked the nurse what
> had been in there? She said OATMEAL!  Then I saw the unfinished 1/2 cup of
> coffee!!!!!  I *said*, "WHY is he having this????"  She said it was his
> SECOND breakfast because he was so hungry!  Aren't doctors' orders followed?
> Aren't they familiar with tonsilectomies?  Sorry for any nurses I may have
> offended.  I'm also in the process of teaching another nurse who is a
> 40+year DMer with kidney disease how her diuretic affects her.  I had only
> one semester (2 whole classes) in college, 11 years ago.  What do they learn
> spending all that time in college? (Sorry, again if I have offended.)
> Jan (60 y/o, T-1 11/5/50, pmpg 8/23/83)
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for HELP or to subscribe/unsubscribe, contact: HELP@insulin-pumpers.org
send a DONATION http://www.Insulin-Pumpers.org/donate.shtml